RhythmTeam with Jim Donovan M.Ed.             

unify and energize your team to be ALL IN together.

Team Building, Professional Development, Wellness Programs for Corporate, University & Healthcare Organizations

Disconnected, unfocused participants leads to a lack of engagement that can ruin any event- no matter how well-organized it is. RhythmTeam with Jim Donovan M.Ed. is a fail-proof solution to quickly focusing and energizing your group in a short period of time using the universal language of rhythm. Imagine your group aligning on one purpose together while getting to immediately feel, see and hear the result of their collective action!

That's what RhythmTeam does.

Find out why organizations such as DelMonte, Johnson & Johnson, EQT, Comcast, University of Pittsburgh, University Of Maryland, Carnegie Mellon University, Highmark, Penn State University, and NCAA Basketball team Saint Francis Univeristy all trust Jim Donovan with their teams.

Expert facilitator Jim Donovan M.Ed (formerly of the multi-platinum band Rusted Root) has performed thousands of concerts and learning events across the US and Europe. As an educator, he brings his brand of open-hearted, big energy truth-telling to every event he leads- whether it be a conference, corporate team building, educational training, consulting or wellness event. He regularly presents programs at Fortune 500 companies, healthcare conferences and top universities throughout the US. 

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Within 60-75 minutes, your participants transform from a disconnected room of individuals staring at their smart phones into a highly engaged, parading and thumping band of rhythm.


I have been in the professional work force for over 30 years and I have been through numerous “team building / career-personal development / advance training” events and programs. Some have been quite good (and others not so much), but none of them compare to your approach and technique... it was awesome!
— Steven C. Clausman Associate Partner Access Green
This was a great session! It was energetic, fun and tied really well to our value messages. Especially “Winning Together” and “Courage”. It was a invaluable addition to our meeting!
— Chrissy Stengel Senior Manager, Corporate Communications Del Monte
I would recommend this experience to others, especially the focus on listening skills and the analogies that can be drawn into the work experience, listening to your co-workers, playing a supporting role, a partnering role, an oppositional role, a baseline role, a complementary role.
— Kristi Yager FED EX Ground University
The opening drum session set the beat for our entire event. It was imperative the group started to think as one, and we needed an ice breaker. You helped the top players in Affordable Comfort lead a charge for revolution.This symbolic event will be remembered by all.
— Xavier S. Walter President, The Energy Team
This program is a poignant example of how to be a better leader. Jim created both a visual and physical experience for all of us to tap into and capture. What I most appreciate is the way Jim provides such powerful means for participants to integrate and embody their learning. I love his stories, his energy, and most importantly his gift to connect with both individuals and the entire group. In a word? AWESOME!!!
— Sheri Kay COO and Lead Practice Coach, ACT Dental Practice Coaching