The Wisdom of Rhythm Retreat

Drumming. Creativity. Sound Healing. Mindfulness. w/ Jim Donovan M.Ed.

The Wisdom of Rhythm Retreat is for anyone who loves the spiritual side drumming and is looking for a profoundly joyful, educational and deeply immersive experience. Experience the camaraderie of a safe, supportive and friendly group of people where you can feel comfortable to just be yourself- without the pressure of being “good” at music.

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take part in an array of enjoyable and beginner friendly musical activities including:

  • Group Drumming & Expressive Music Creation
  • Whole Brain Drumming / Creativity Sparking Techniques
  • Invigorating World Rhythms 
  • Sound Healing Techniques
  • Drumming and Meditation
  • Opportunities for Community Connection

Focus on:

  • Developing and practicing creative drumming skills
  • Personal wellness and becoming the next best version of you
  • Renewing and deepening your connection to your inner wisdom


Learn How to:

  • Relieve stress & anxiety
  • Get deep, more restful sleep
  • Gain a clear and peaceful mind
  • Increase and sustain your energy

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